Established in 1988, RYOKO MACHINERY introduces the most advanced parking 
concept and technology to Taiwan. More than 2 decades we continue investing in 
vertical mechanical parking systems that provide the most efficient space utilization. 
As a leading company, we have launched mechanical parking facilities applications 
throughout Taiwan, including intelligent parking operation systems, vertical parking 
towers, underground parking garages, and automatic parking fee management 
systems. We build our parking spaces not only 
garages, but unique parking chambers which bring users easy, safe and pleasant 

“Adoption of excellent and user-friendly parking facilities” represents for its top priority, Ryoko Machinery has been one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems in Taiwan and soon to be the west coast of the United States. Our management philosophy and corporate spirit are the “pursuit of the best quality and service to have sustainable business.” To meet clients’ satisfaction, we are experts in projecting, researching, developing, designing, producing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining parking systems. For more than two decades of dedicating its time and energy to perfecting the parking mechanism and full-automation systems, Ryoko Machinery provides your parking projects with ideal and overall solutions.